Reviews: Eco Eccentric is PR friendly and will accept products of all kinds from companies large or small for review consideration. If you’d like to send me something to try, contact me first at ecoeccentric [at] gmail [dot] com or use the form on my Contact page.

Note that for all beauty products, I always request full ingredients lists prior to accepting anything for testing for the following reasons:
  1. Products must align with the Eco Eccentric values,
  2. Products must be of interest to my readers, and
  3. I need to see if I am able to test the products, as I have many allergies.

I do not do paid positive reviews and cannot guarantee that if you send me something, it will receive a full review. I can, however, guarantee that I will use the product. In most cases, products I test will receive full reviews or may be included in a post with other products.

Curiouser Shops: Eco Eccentric loves small businesses! If you are interested in being featured in my Curiouser Shops section, e-mail ecoeccentric [at] gmail [dot] com or use the form on my Contact page. Please include your name, e-mail, a brief description of your business/shop, and a link to your website.

I do not charge for these spotlights and I don’t have to review a product on the blog in order to feature your shop, but I generally will only write about ones that I would support and purchase from had I discovered them myself. If chosen, the general setup for my shop features include a blurb introducing the shop, some information about the owner(s), the interview, and a section as the end directing my readers to the shop’s website and social media outlets.

For the Interview: This is where my policies have changed slightly. I no longer offer the option of sending interview questions via e-mail, which means I now like to run all interviews live. I want my readers to get a sense of personality and passion when they read these features, so the raw dialogue is what I’m after. Live chats via the G-chat feature on Gmail (or something similar via Facebook, etc) are preferred, but if this isn’t possible, I will consider phone interviews on a case by case basis.

For Photos: I will ask that photos be provided for inclusion in the feature. I will need at minimum, one high quality photo of the shop owner. Other images of the shop (if brick and mortar), work area, and products are awesome as well!

Option for coupon code or giveaway: I like to offer featured companies the opportunity to provide a product (giveaway) or a coupon code to my readers. This can be done in conjunction with the interview, as a standalone, or attached to a review. However, I would never require that either be a condition for inclusion on the blog.

Giveaways: I am open to hosting stand alone giveaways for companies of any size and independent giveaways such as these are are available at any time. I am also open to hosting giveaways in conjunction with Curiouser Shops features. I can tack giveaways on to specific product reviews, however most companies will not know ahead of time that I will be reviewing their products. If you are a business owner or company brand rep, feel free to contact me at ecoeccentric [at] gmail [dot] com or via the form on my Contact page to inquire about adding a giveaway to an upcoming review, or to inquire about a giveaway for a product I have recommended. I ask that the company sponsoring the giveaway be willing to either ship the prize(s) to the winner(s) (and provide press photos) or ship the prize to me in advance (so that I may photograph the product myself).

Collaborations/Guest Posting: Eco Eccentric also loves collaboration! If you aren’t sure of the best way for us to work together, but would love to chat about a potential collaboration or guest post (either for my blog or yours), please e-mail ecoeccentric [at] gmail [dot] com or use the form on my Contact page. I’m always excited to work with brands of all kinds, whether they be online or brick and mortar. Beauty, clothing, jewelry, geeky goods, antique or vintage—the sky is the limit. Right now, I’m also looking for fabulous eyewear brands, shops, and retailers to collaborate with for my newest blog section, Eclectic Spectacles.

Advertising: Sidebar advertising is not available at this time, but will be available soon!