Eco Eccentric’s Launch is Feb 9, 2014!

Welcome Eco Eccentrics!

If you believe that eco-conscious action and consumerism will not only allow us to coexist more peacefully with the planet, but will help us live healthier and more fulfilling lives, then Eco Eccentric is the right place for you! If you don’t necessarily buy into all of the “green” mumbo-jumbo, but are concerned about environmental toxins, then join me as I learn how to live a little better each day. This website is a guide to making a change for the better–for ourselves, our families, the environment, and sometimes just for fun!

I’m Rebecca, your offbeat editor from the east coast, and as this blog evolves, you will be able to find product reviews, first impressions, picks, and recommendations for all that is naturally beautiful, naturally healthy, and quirky (naturally).

I know Janis Joplin would agree with me when I say, do what matches your soul!

Here we go!


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